Why Merchandise your Wines?

If your wines are incorrectly merchandised or worse not even displayed it is costing you a lot in lost sales.
Merchandising completed by the retail chains can be as low as 50% compliant. So 50% of your retailers may not be achieving the full sales potential due to poor or non existent merchandising.

Merchandising provides Wine Farms with a excellent opportunity to ensure that cultivar red and white wines are displayed correctly in stores. The cost of merchandising is quickly covered by the increase in your sales.

Our teams specialize in Merchandising, Demonstrations, Sampling, POS placement, Range reviews and Mystery shopping. Our acccount teams are always on hand to manage your campaign every step of the way; from discussing the best way to achieve your objectives, to managing logistics, and directing the field. We are involved at every level to ensure that you get the results you want.

Our number one priority is accountability, and this is delivered on every level from our Brand Ambassadors. Our ultimate objective is to deliver a positive return on your investment and help drive your company’s business forward.